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Welcome To Dragonball Z Ultimate Journey!
Welcome to Dragonball Ultimate Journey, home of the best damn DBZ RPG on the net. You will take the role of your very own DBZ character and compete in battles and cooperate with other players in a large immerse world set in the Dragonball Z Universe. Below is a list of some of many of our features unseen in any other Dragonball Z RPG to date!

LGBT Friendly

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*These features are in developement and are scheduled to launch next week.

Automated Battle System
Ever play a role play where it involves complexed math formulas? They're too time consuming! Get that shit outta here. What about a role play with a battle system that is heavily reliant on refs from the player base? There's no such thing as an unbiased ref in a role play battle, so why bother? You can feel rest assured that Dragonball Ultimate Journey uses neither of those systems.

Instead, we use an automated battle system that takes out all the math for you! You type out your role play post and select your skills used at the bottom and hit submit! The script does the rest! 

Mentor System
Train under well renown masters and learn techniques such as the Kamehameha Wave, or even Big Bang Attack - plus countless more. There are over 50+ mentors to train under. (But you only get a select few to start under when you start playing.)

Auto-Update System
Every time you complete a role play you get rewarded Z Points based on your role play's quality. You use Z Points to earn experience and zenni to level your character. You'll never have to worry about having to wait for a staff member to update your stats. With a simple click your character's statistics are updated.

Travel System
Travel anywhere at any time with a ship that you created with the power of... imagination!

Unique Training System
Earn extra experience points by equipping weighted clothing, or if you're up to the task you can even try your luck at training in high gravity!

MMO-Based Equipment
Love MMOs? Well, our equipment system works just like them! Purchase equipment with zenni or "Z Emblems" you earn to customize your character's attributes how you wish.

No need for shops!
You can purchase gear by earning Z Emblem, Emerald Emblems or Ruby Emblems through role playing.

Create and run an organization. Will you be an evil organization? Bounty hunters? Or maybe a bunch of do-gooders? Possibilities are endless!

Companion System
Hire/Purchase henchmen, demons, and animals to fight along side you. They act as a secondary character!

Your Campaign, Your Way
This is Your DBZ RPG. With our boss creation feature, you can create your own campaigns and storylines that mold together with the DBZ Universe.

...And much much more.
Content is added to Dragonball Ultimate Journey all the time, and with the level cap being at 30, you'll never have to worry about other members leaving you behind in some endless gap of numbers!

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